Coffee beans container

by Ján Pernecký, Subdigital, 2020

A series of continuous winding pipes should entirely fill the given spatial envelope, each starting at its vertical top and ending at its vertical bottom.

The result should be simple to produce yet feature an intricate aesthetics.

Twelve modules, that can be replaced with only two different physical elements, were used. The ruleset allowed for the modules to aggregate into continuous pipes exclusively in the vertical direction. Specific modules were selected to be at the beginning and at the end of each individual aggregated pipe. The asset was used for testing the firs Monoceros WFC solver and its toolset, as it showed easy-to-evaluate results and featured a nontrivial ruleset.
The application was a remake of an older design, which was generated using a growth algorithm. Monoceros fills any spatial envelope entirely, allows to define specific modules at selected areas. The asset can be extended so that the pipes intertwine more vigorously and still fill the envelope entirely. The setup and solution time is significantly shorter than in the case of the growth algorithm.